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Hey guys! I know it has been WAAAAY too long! I finally created myself a schedule so hopefully we will have more updated posts! I have lots of fun things planned for the end of the year and 2017! What I have been LOVING is teaching basic hairstyles through video! Here is a link to my latest video! I hope you enjoy!

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Humidity.. What to do so it doesn’t cramp your style!

So it has came to my attention that well, its HOT like really freakin hot.. weather that no one wants to be in here in Indiana. Any of you who live here obviously live in this lovely mess every summer and every year we whine and complain about how cold it is and then how miserable we are in the heat. Now if you’re a girl.. humidity (WHY ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS??!) ugh, you suck humidity. GO. AWAY. You bring frizzy fuzzy hair, and when we sweat.. oh when we sweat it’s worse. Why it matters to us? In the summertime LOTS of pictures are taken wether that be at weddings, in weddings, in family photos, at a family cookout or any of it.. and well, if you’re anything like me most of the time when you pile a little rain on top you end up looking like a drowned rat. So this may end up sounding like one big rant by the end of it but hairstylists everywhere will end up appreciating it so feel free to share with your friends because frankly, this weather is a hairstylists nightmare.

I’ve been tossing and turning over this topic for weeks because as you all know I specialize in wedding hair and I do hair for photo shoots. The weather during said things this year has not been the greatest. I’ve been at multiple events this year where people are attempting to change a style after someone did it or don’t understand why their curls are falling that they just curled themselves. So, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to help keep your style.. A STYLE.

  1. The first thing we all do when we think our hair is getting messed up: we touch it. Stop. Back the hands up. Do NOT touch your hair. This will make the style fall out much faster than any rain disaster filled day will. The more you touch the more oils you add to potentially wet air laying on that… (drowned rat)
  2. Adding more hairspray won’t fix it. Actually it generally will make you look like you have the stickiest hair of life, stiff as a board.. and while you won’t actually be able to get your hands through it and destroy it like talked about above if for some reason ONE lonely hair falls out.. it’ll poke out like a porcupine and be more obvious than if your hair looked a little more “messy” .
  3.  Using over the counter poorly made hair products on TOP of those wonderful professional products your hairstylist just used, WILL FLATTEN YOUR HAIR.
  4. Curling hair on top of what a stylist has already curled.. will probably destruct the style as well. If this happens to be an issue make sure you have the stylists number on hand ( trust me, they would rather you call them than recurl on top of theirs… or they can give you some direction if they are unable to personally help)
  5.  If you’re getting casual pictures and you know your hair doesn’t hold curl.. I suggest wearing something straight. I am the QUEEN at getting “hair that doesn’t curl” to hold a curl.. or so my clients say BUT this year that humidity is just too out of hand.. and while it still may have some curl it’s not what it started like and that as a hairstylist is the most frustrating thing.
  6. If you’re in a wedding and can avoid going outside other than for the wedding and or transport or pictures.. please do it.
  7.  For everyday humidity protection consult with your stylist for the best products for your hair. (I already have a post in the works about what products are good for this)
  8. If something needs changed on your hair your best bet is to let your stylist know, while this may be uncomfortable to do so at the time, your style will appreciate it! When you pull bobby pins out of hair it can also create frizz so the less you personally do it the better!
  9. Most importantly.. Remember at whatever event/ party/ wedding you’re at… enjoy yourself.. don’t stress about your hair because now you have tips and tricks to keep the style intact (:



Summer Hair Protection

Hey guys! I know it has been a little while since I posted.. the photographers photos have been pouring in from the weddings we’ve been doing so I’ll be sure to get it all edited and post a few wedding days soon! Wherever you are, I hope it is warm.. I’m currently sitting in my parents back yard enjoying this beautiful summer day! It FINALLY got warm here in Indiana and it’s safe to say we are taking FULL advantage of this heat! I’m lucky that I have pool access.. which got me to thinking. I now have SUPER blonde ends… chlorine + blonde… well those two things don’t really mix all that well. So I figured if I was doing extra steps to my hair I should share them with all of you beautiful people! So I’ll just dive right in!

1.Make sure if you swim regularly you have a swim shampoo and conditioner handy. Now this isn’t something I would use everyday but for a day after the pool YES! Chlorine can be so hard on your hair taking this simple step can help SO much! Malibu has a great line for this! If your local salon doesn’t carry this make sure you ask if they can order it!


2.Follow the before entry pool signs.. getting your hair wet can create a boundary between the chlorine and it helping keep the harsh chemicals out.

3. Once your hair is wet have a leave in conditioner ready to spray in. This helps coat the hair before entry creating yet another boundary and adding moisture to something that can be so dry. If you’ve been following my posts you know my favorite (; I’ll drop it below.

color fanatic

4. When you get out of the pool for the day make sure you run your hair under water.. It’ll help remove some of those harsh chemicals off your ends!

5. Get regular Malibu treatments… I’m sure there are other brands with something similar but these take the cake for me. It takes about 25 minutes and your hair feels AWESOME afterwards. Lots of kids stop in the salon to get them at the end of the summer which is a great idea but once a month would be ideal if you are in the pool a lot!



I hope these tips were helpful, I know this was short I just wanted to make sure to get this one out quick because I’ve been in the pool SO much I’m sure you all have (:





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Hey guys! I am SO excited about this post, maybe thats because i feel like its been 3830239 years since I posted the last time or maybe it’s just because it’s all about my FAVORITE products! Some of them may be repeats but come on, seriously, favorites are my favorites. BUT there are lots of new products in here so keep reading!

  1. This one won’t surprise you… COLOR FANATIC 21 by Pureology. Ahhhhh, my baby. Seriously I don’t get any of my clients (ok, girls) ready without this or myself. Anytime I wash my hair this is my jam to help detangle and give my hair a little extra conditioning.
  2. Ok, so I have two favorite dry shampoo’s I’ve been loving. I have two because one is for me and one is for 90% of my clientele at the moment. I am absolutely positively in love with the Pureology Fresh Approach, for myself.. ok and for giving texture for up hair and things such as that. However, I feel like it can be a little too much for fine hair, some people haven’t had this experience which is super awesome but for most of my clients lately I have been showing them the Matrix Biolage Clean and Full. It’s brand spankin new and it smells fab and just ahhhh. You guys, if you haven’t gotten on the dry shampoo bandwagon, GET ON.
  3. For every day texture spray ( and a little added perfume (;) I swear by the Kenra Dry Texture spray. Another stylist friend told me about this bad boy and I can’t stop using it. Seriously. Just keep one in your car as a perfume if you want (no really, it smells that good) .
  1. For my favorite brush I picked something that can actually benefit any hairtype! The Oliva Garden Internation CISP-CO with Ionic and Boar bristles. I use this to style ( at least for the beginning part) on about 99% of my blowdries! I feel like this is a great size to hold on to wether you’re doing it to yourself or your blowdrying a client. The boar bristles help smooth down the cuticle and the ionic bristles help it dry a little faster. It is just truly the best brush of life. Yes, I said that. Of LIFE. Please don’t ever get rid of this Oliva Garden Int. I will actually cry.
  2. So this one, I just cannot deal with the excitement. My clients are LOVING it! I’ve only had this on hand for about two weeks but man oh man is it going like wildfire! Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Scrub.. there is a full in salon treatment that goes with it but this specific product is amazing! You can use the scrub on your hair even on color treated hair, you also can use this pink lemonade smelling sugar scrub ALL OVER YOUR BODY. See, I told you.. amazing!

So I actually thought this post would be much longer.. and it could be.. so I decided my second part I will get up Saturday night in a form of a video! (maybe because my nails are currently too long and I can barely type… don’t judge (; )So stay tuned. For now.. I hope you guys enjoy this! If any of these are your favorites make sure you hit like, or share this post!



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Mr. And Mrs. Baumis

On October 24, 2015 two of the sweetest people got married. Evan and Kate Baumis are just one of the cutest couples to date! Kate and her bridal party got ready at Four Points by Sheraton in West Lafayette, IN. Their bridal party was filled with family and friends from school and all through their life. It was such a special day, thank you for Choosing Lola Hair Artistry to help pamper you! Photos by CT PHAM, Makeup by MoMichelle Makeup Artistry, Hair by Lola Hair Artistry.





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Mr. and Mrs. Beaver

October 9, 2015 was a great day to gain a brother! That’s right my sister is MARRIED! Such a fun day of family, friends, and happily wedded bliss! Here is a glimpse into Taylor and Andrew’s special day!



Church: Trinity United Methodist.. Lafayette, IN.

Reception Venue: Ratpack Venue

Hair: Lola Hair Artistry and The Hairspa (Mendi)

Makeup: MoMichelle LLC

Photographer: Sarah Parent Photography

Flowers and Decor: Laurie Webster

Dress: Nancy’s Bridal Boutique

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Bre & Jake

October 10, 2015 was one of the prettiest days for a wedding this year! It was such a pleasure to pamper bride, Bre on her wedding day! Here is a little glimpse into her special day with her new husband, Jake! Congratulations again! We were so happy to get to work with you!




Photos by Sarah Parent Photography. Hair by Lola Hair Artistry. Makeup by MoMichelle Makeup Artistry.

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Sienna and Brendon

This past October I had the pleasure of getting to know bride, Sienna. I was SO happy I got to play with her super curly locks and that we decided to go with her natural curl! There’s just something about naturally curly ringlets that look flawless in an updo! She also made her own head piece.. which is STUNNING! Here is a preview of her special day!



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Photos by Ashley Read Photography. Hair by Lola Hair Artistry. Makeup by MoMichelle Makeup Artistry.

How to Wash Your Hair

So the title… seems simple, right? Well, it sounds simple. Lately I have had a lot of really funny comments said to me just about washing hair. So I’ll just set the record straight for you all. If someone doesn’t tell you, you don’t know so if you’ve been doing it wrong.. you’re fine, because now you’ll know. (Cleansing conditioners will not be included in this and do not follow these rules, I can write another instruction post on this and will at a later date.)


image3 (2)

  1. You should only need a quarter size drop of shampoo to make it work. (This is why professional shampoos actually cost you less in the long run. )

– If your shampoo does not lather either a. you need more water.  or b. you need to rewash.

– If you have thick hair section it. I keep a clip in the shower to clip mine in half, do the bottom half with a quarter size and then the top.


2. If you have went more than 2 days your hair is considered “dirty” and will need more than one shampoo. Do not use more shampoo per wash. A quarter size will still work, just shampoo twice.

3. Your hair should be completely wet before you apply any shampoo or conditioner to your hair. Your hair cannot lather properly if it is not thoroughly saturated.

4.  You should brush your hair out before you get in the shower. This diminishes tangles. You may shed more while in the shower this way but it will make combing out your hair after a breeze.

5.If you use conditioner every time you wash your hair ( I do, there is nothing wrong with that) only put it on your ends. You should never apply conditioner to your scalp.

6. If you hair has a filmy residue on it when you’re done washing, this shampoo is either a. not for you or b. you didn’t get it all out.

7. If you have thick enough hair to section it before washing, make sure you get it thoroughly rinsed out.

8. The crown of your head is the hardest to get clean.. make sure to massage your head and lift apart the hair to clean it properly.

9. If you use a comb to get conditioner through your hair, you need to use a wide tooth comb or brush, again the FINGERBRUSH from OLIVIA GARDEN INT. would be perfect for this.

image4 (1)

10.  If you have dandruff it could be a number of things.. don’t diagnose this yourself.. ask your stylist what would be best for your beautiful locks!


I hope these little tips help in your everyday shampooing routine! Lots of people had questions so if I didn’t answer yours please feel free to comment!





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Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?

Do you ever wash your hair and feel like it’s still dirty? The scalp/root area of your hair is still greasy and your ends are dry? Your hair is weighted down? Dandruff? You just can’t get your hair clean no matter how hard you try? Keep reading. This article was created just for you. Here are a few indications the product is NOT for you, wether it be an allergy, for the wrong hair type ( can actually be fixed by switching to a different product in the line), or just doesn’t work for your hair needs specifically.

1. You never get your scalp CLEAN.

This can actually be from something as simple as you need to wash your hair twice. That is the biggest misconception with shampoo and conditioner in my opinion. People spend big $$$ on hair product and use about a handful and a half because
“it doesn’t lather”. It should ( in most situations… with the exception of cleansing conditioners) lather right away. Ok, HOLD THE PHONE. Slow down. Use a quarter sized drop. Shampoo, if it doesn’t lather. Do it again. Try adding more water, if you have thick hair like i do, break it into sections. It will save your bank account as well as truly get your hair clean.

    2. Your hair is flat and lifeless.

Try a volumizing shampoo, this is where I could go into another rant about professional vs. over the counter but I do that enough so we will keep it simple. If you feel like you need a more moisturizing or oil based shampoo and conditioner, find a lightweight one that will still give you the benefits. A few of my favorites for this situation would be the Pureology Hydrate Light Line or Matrix Oil Wonders Line ( It is a micro oil line so the oil actually gets into the cuticle instead of sitting on top of it like most shampoos and conditioners)

    3. You have dandruff, ok, recently since you’ve switched products developed this.

Stop using it. It’s either creating build up or your drying your scalp out to no end. Either way it’s not healthy. If you think it’s product build up use a clarifying shampoo for a couple of washes to get everything removed and switch to something lighter for your hair. Most volumizing shampoos and conditioners are pretty light but be aware if you have dry hair you may want to cocktail this with a moisturizing conditioner or vise versa and switch on and off.

    4. Your back, neck, or face is randomly breaking out.

This could be a simple irritation or you could be slightly allergic to a product in the shampoo and conditioner. Try switching to something else for a couple of days and see if it goes away. If it does try and find out the ingredient that isn’t similar and avoid using things with that in it. If you insist on using it ( ok, I’ve had this happen and I just LOVED how my hair felt) make sure you lift your hair away from these areas before you get out of the shower and rinse the areas thoroughly. Keep a towel in between your skin and hair until it is dry and you should be fine.  Obviously if you are clearly having a severe reaction stop use immediately.

    5. You just don’t like your hair anymore.

This can happen for many obvious reasons but if you don’t think it’s the cut, color, or any illness happening try using a different shampoo and conditioner. We all have our “ride or die” products but it is also fun to switch it up once in awhile. You should know what’s out there. Ask your stylist if there are any new lines or different products you would like or could use!

Make sure as always you take into consideration with shampoo and conditioner and ALL hair products that you do in fact get what you pay for. What you pay for is ingredients and remember that may not be important to know all of those ingredients but when it’s the difference between lots of great hair days or bad days it MATTERS. Products can make or break your day, attitude, and bank. When you use a $3- 9 shampoo you replace it about every one and a half weeks. When you use professional shampoos and conditioners you replace them just about once a month to every six weeks.. it just about evens out if not end up coming out on top using the better products. Not only that but your hair feels fabulous so you in return feel better! I hope these tips were helpful and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share!

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