The Senior Experience

Ever wanted to feel like a celebrity?! Well these beautiful girls got the opportunity to today! I get to work with some of the coolest people I swear! These girls had their senior pictures taken today by Sarah Parent Photography, their makeup done by Morgan of MoMichelle Makeup Artistry, and hair done by me, Lauren of Lola Hair Artistry! It’s three different takes on loose waves

This is Hannah, she wanted her look to be a little beachy, so I used a flatiron to curl her beautiful red locks!

This is Meghan, she asked for loose waves but likes a polished look, I got to try out my automatic curling wand from chi… Can you say OBSESSED?! it’s great it gives a completely even curl throughout but you can wand it around manually if you want (;

Katie also wanted loose waves, but a little bigger in general. She has very long thick hair so I lifted the front off of her face


There are lots of ways to get different looks even with one curling iron.. Try holding your hair at a different angle for fun one day and watch the magic happen!


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