10 easy tricks to growing your hair out!

I have spent the last year or so battling with that crazy decision of whether or not to grow my hair out. Ahhhh, am I the only crazy person who tortures herself?! By the amount of times I’ve been asked in the past week how I grew my hair out I would definitely say no I am not. I grew my hair out for about a year and in April decided it was driving me nuts, the ends were ragged, and I was always putting it up in a pony tail anyways. What did I do next? Of course I plopped myself into the first person at works open chair and said “CUT IT OFF NOW”. About two days later I was whining to myself as I got ready.. yes we ALL go through cutters remorse! It definitely won’t be the last time it will happen either.. I LOVE to change my hair up. Here are a few pictures of where I was, where i cut it to, and where it is now!


This is where i was back in February.. I cut it in march so it was just a little longer than it shows here. (I am in the middle)


This is where I cut it too. It doesn’t seem THAT short.. however, the back is hitting the base of my neck. When you grow out a cut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front it can be quite the process.


And here is the most recent,  a little longer than it was in February!

Now for the good stuff, here are ten easy tricks that you can do, and pretty affordable at that!

1. What is in your shower? You should always start with the basics.. and by basics I mean product. No, you do not have to go spend $30 a bottle somewhere to get good hair care either… however the affects of those you would notice instantly. Salon brands are slowly but surely becoming more affordable so that you don’t have to feel so guilty about splurging on them. Your hair is an investment and most definitely something you should take care of. Remember your hair will only be as young as it is today so just like yourself.. treat it like it is aging. Check out your local salon for products such as Matrix Total Results depending on where you live your salon should carry it for around $10… some over the counter brands cost just as much as well. This line caters to people of all hair types at an affordable price.. one of my FAVS!

2. What are you eating? The saying you are what you eat is not a myth. The better you eat, the stronger your hair. Add a few more veggies into your daily diet and I bet you’ll notice a difference in the shine factor of your hair pretty quickly!

3. Are you a sucker for hot tools? It’s fine!! You can still use your tools daily but skip the blow dry every once in awhile. If you’re a person that can go two days without washing it but HAS to wet your hair down just to dry it, try a dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoos will break up the oils in your hair with a cool shot spray so the need to wet it down should be eliminated. Do you shower at night? Try and shower an hour or so before you lay your head to that pillow and let your hair breathe by air drying, your hair will LOVE you!

4.Use a protectant! Any time you use heat on your hair make sure you place a protectant on before. Don’t have the $$ instead of buying a blow dry protectant and a setting protectant choose what you do most of. Do you frequently blow dry and go? The blow dry lotion would be the one for you. Do you let your hair air dry but use a flat iron every day? Just get the setting spray. Obviously having both of these would be the best option for maximum results but you can always ask your stylist if she has samples you can try before purchasing.

5. Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair.. DO NOT BRUSH! (unless you have your handy dandy Tangle Teezer/wet brush which you can purchase at your local salon) For a cheaper option a wide tooth comb will work just fine! Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up, this prevents snags and breakage and the process will happen much quicker.

6. Are you pony tail obsessed? Unless you’re working out, in a sport, or are required to wear your hair up for work, try not to keep your hair up for more than a few hours at a time. Your hair needs to relax, breathe, and tying it up in the same spot everyday for hours on end can lead to lots of breakage. There are obviously days that you’ll run behind and need that pony tail for the day which is fine just don’t make it too much of a habit.

7. Don’t pick your split ends.  I admit it, this may be in here because it is my BIGGEST pet peeve of any hair fail on the planet. There is nothing worse than watching someone split the end of their hair open or off for that matter. When you pull those split ends apart you are only splitting it clear up your hair strand, making your hair more fragile and weak than it was before. When that hair continues to grow (If you’re lucky) that hair will continue to split because the cuticle is ripped wide open. If you’re hair is that bad, go get a trim and save your head from the torture.

8. GET REGULAR HAIRCUTS. If you don’t color your hair the general rule of thumb is 8 weeks maximum in between hair cuts.  Some people can get away with a little longer and some feel like they HAVE to get them sooner. If you do color your hair in anyway at all I would say that 8 weeks is the longest you should wait. The worst thing you could do is wait months and months to get your hair cut and then tell your stylist to take off whats “dead” , you’re guaranteed to be getting at least 2 inches taken off what you thought was progress. The ends of your hair do split eventually and to keep your hair looking fresh, bouncy, and full regular haircuts are a must.. once you get the bad stuff off you’ll be amazed how much faster your hair will grow. Looking to save money? Lots of stylists have a loyalty program or  discounts available if you make a standing appointment and stick to it, just ask your stylist what he/she offers!

9. DO NOT SLEEP WITH CLIP IN EXTENSIONS ON YOUR HEAD. Yikes, i hope most of you are asking “people actually do that?”. Surprisingly more people do than you would think. Those little metal pieces attaching those locks to your head.. nuzzle your head into a pillow with those attached and you can just watch the hair fall. They will break your hair off and if they don’t do it in one time, just don’t chance it again.. I really don’t know how that could be comfortable anyways that is a huge no no.

10. Be patient! Your hair on average grows about a quarter to a half an inch a month (the later being if you’re lucky) it will take time and you will go through awkward stages. This is where your stylist comes in, most of you probably have that person that you would “never let anyone else touch your hair” because of, which is FABULOUS! As long as you’re happy, stay! Tell your stylist your goal, remind them at each visit because you are 1 in ALOT of people they see in a year on repeat. They should be able to give you ideas and possibly layering techniques to help you get through those lovely awkward stages! When you and your stylist are on the same page, with the same goal, the best results can be reached!


I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any suggestions of any other tips and tricks you would like to read about comment below! (: Have a great day!!


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