January Favorites!

Hey guys! Its almost the end of the month and I’ve recently been obsessing over a few new products that I’ve purchased so I figured why not write about them? All of the products I will be talking about I have been using the whole month, if not longer and I’m hooked! So lets get started!


Ok, I have a serious addiction to my Pureology Shampoo and Conditioners.. I do have multiple kinds (I’ll go into that). I told myself that even as a stylist I was not paying that kind of money for something that you essentially wash down the drain. Yes, I completely know and understand the importance of using quality products and in my shower there is gold mine of products for hair… I might have a problem (; First off let me stress that there are affordable salon products that will out beat the products your buying at a drugstore any day. I do NOT recommend buying something over the counter.. even styling aids… you don’t know what are in those products and you’d genuinely be surprised if you actually looked up those ingredients. Anyways, rant over… If you are a person who wants your hair to SMELL all day long like so good you could eat it, these are for you!!!! They are delicious and I seriously can’t stop smelling my hair once its freshly washed. Not only that but they are Vegan products and all natural so they are seriously just so fabulous for your hair its unreal. The feel that your hair has after these is just amazing. The hydrating conditioner smells like mint and tingles your head as you massage it in.. these are seriously addicting. I tried in a pinch to switch one day.. nope, can’t do it. I just love them too much. I personally have been rotating my conditioners between the hydrating one and the essential oil brand. My shampoo, is the repair line. I have color treated hair that I mechanically and chemically damage on the regular so I use that to put some protein back in and the others to rehydrate it.



These are what they look like ^^ the fact that they are gorgeous helps too (: Remember your hair is an investment.. take care of it!


Another thing I have in my daily routine is an oil for the ends of my hair. I actually have really coarse hair so this softens up the ends of it without making it wet. If you have fine hair, you can use this oil just make sure you get the right one for your hair type! I love love love the smell, feel, everything about the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil! They now have three different kinds but I am partial to the original. I use this on almost every client in my chair at the end of each service.. not only that but i rub the excess on my hands or on my arms as lotion.. this oil, no kidding, makes you want to use it as lotion. There are not enough good words to talk about this oil.. it’s not sticky, it’s not wet, it’s just perfect. You can use it on your ends in the middle of your blow drying process to seal it in, you can use it after to add a little shine and moisture, you can use it after using a dry shampoo to make your second hair day look just as good as your first! Everyone go ask your stylist to get this for you.. it is an ESSENTIAL!



I am a person with generally combination skin and I do get breakouts, usually hormonal and stress related but I’ve decided i must have really sensitive skin. I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube videos and tutorials and a ton of beauty guru’s suggest the GLAM GLOW masques.. It is an investment, however I had a few gift cards to Sephora, so I splurged. The one I got was the GLAM GLOW super mud clearing treatment. Not only did it say what all these girls were raving about, making their pores smaller, their skin clearer, redness reduced, but my face was SMOOTH.. like as smooth as a babies bottom. The thing that got me is that even if it was hard when it dried it didn’t hurt to come off. I am kind of obsessed with masks because anything that claims to make my face look better I want immediately… I have never found one that worked quite like this. It was easy to apply, it didn’t smell funny, and it came off with ease and ACTUALLY DID WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO. One thing that EVERYONE should try!!! 


One thing that I have been looking at everytime I step into Target are the new L’Oreal foundations, I think their packaging looks great and I’ve heard and seen a few things about them. I never believed them because I don’t really like liquid foundations for the simple fact of I guess that’s “what I used when I was 16”, which let me tell you is ridiculous. I have been using the L’oreal True Match Lumi foundation for almost two months, I have never gotten so many compliments. It doesn’t look like I am caked on or anything it just leaves a subtle luminous sheen over my face giving it space to breathe but gives great coverage as well. I always seem to think that finding a liquid shade match is a little harder than powder so make sure you swatch it before you buy it but I just LOVE it!

I would still recommend setting your face with a powder after but this is an awesome base and at a great price as well!


Well, for January those are my fav products that I just can’t get enough of right now! If you have any questions or anything you’re loving.. be sure to comment! I hope you all have a fabulous week!



Lola ❤


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