Do you have a bad case of dry or full of static hair from this more than dry weather out there? Unless you’re reading this as its raining outside like I am.. here are your more than typical winter hair problems and I’m here to tell you how to fix it!


Both of these problems are from dry hair strands so here are just a few tips:

1. Don’t shampoo your hair everyday… Ok, ok, some of you are saying “EWWWWW” right now. There are some solutions for you guys who get super grossed out by dirty hair. Invest in a dry shampoo and conditioner.. it’s a cool shot spray that actually breaks up the oil, the part that makes your hair feel dirty, and revives it just like its freshly washed. The conditioner will fix the part of second hair day leaving it soft, and just as fabulous as the day you washed it. This obviously isn’t something that you should do everyday, but for the days you aren’t actually in the shower washing your hair this is the perfect solution!  (my favorite at the moment is Pureology Dry Shampoo and Conditioner)


2. Add an oil onto the ends of your hair daily. There are lots of great oils on the market that you can add to your ends so you can replenish those frayed, damaged, and dry ends. It will smooth down your cuticle and add a little shine into your hair to leave it feeling super soft and totally touchable. You’ll only need a little bit when doing this so your bottle of oil will last you a long time. If you really want it to soak in your ends add it into your hair in the middle of blow drying.. it will seal the oil in your hair but a much lighter effect that putting it on your ends after.. this is a great solution for people with fine hair. (For a really affordable, GREAT oil, try Matrix Total Results Silk Wonder Oil)


3. How many of you out there like to walk around the house with your hair up in the towel? DROP IT. Like, NOW. Sounds like a great idea right? Keeping the hair out of your way as you get dressed? Really the longer you leave your hair tangled up in that towel the more it is drying, and rubbing up against that towel actually drying your hair out. It is roughing up the cuticle, fraying your ends. Obviously just a few seconds of this isn’t going to do major damage or anything but just be aware that “convenience” that has so magically been invented.. is actually harmful to your poor little hair cuticles.

4. Try a leave in conditioner. In the summer hairstylists recommend this more because most people have highlighted, sun burnt hair, so extra moisture is needed. In the winter it is just as essential.. In the winter you can generally use something a little thicker, or heavier because the air is so dry and that static seems in full force. Something I would recommend for winter time is an actual hair lotion. ( A good one I use on clients is Matrix Total Results Miracle Treat 12)



Well that wraps up this quick little post, so I hope these tips were helpful and if there are any other tips and tricks you guys would like to know about comment below!





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* All of these products are listed because I have personally used them and seen the results.


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