Photo by Sarah Parent Photography. Hair and makeup by Lola Hair Artistry.

Do you have your glam squad ready for your big day!?! Make sure you book before its too late! If you’re lucky you may be able to squeeze yourself in at the last minute but I highly recommend booking as soon as you start planning because availability is definitely limited. Surprisingly just because your stylist is the most fabulous colorist in the world he/she may not want anything to do with wedding hair or makeup. This doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who does in fact specialize in special occasion styles and makeup applications. Referrals are a great way to go because if someone feels comfortable enough to recommend you they have most likely used them before and been satisfied.

Still not sold? Check out social media. Most stylists/artists who specialize will have tons of pictures of work they have done. Like what you see? Call and ask about a trial or consultation. These are more than likely at a discounted price so you can get to know the person and see if their services are what you are looking for.

Make sure you get along with your team well, or at least see yourself having fun with them because this is one of the biggest days of your life and you will want it to be a blast the whole time! Its important you feel like you can be yourself around them because you will be with them most of your morning.

Are you more comfortable at home? See if your team will travel.. most will, you just may have to pay a little extra to make that happen depending on how far it is away from their salon or home location. If you like a salon feel ask if they have specials for having in house services such as breakfast or mimosas. It’s your big day, you should feel like a princess!

These are some of the easy little things you can get out of the way early on so they don’t stress you out later!




Lola Hair Artistry offers hair and makeup services for your big day! For all business inquiries contact us at laurenashleymckillip@gmail.com

Check out our website!



Above photo:

Sarah Parent Photography: sarahparentphotography.com



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