Fancy dresses, boys in tuxedos, great music, friends, sounds a lot like prom, huh? That infamous night in every high school students career, here are a few tips and tricks to make your night that much more fun!

1. Find the perfect dress. Whether its designer or handmade by your Aunt Sue, make sure it fits your personality. Not only that, make sure that its comfortable enough to be in for 5+ hours because if your a typical girl you get ready WAY too early anyways. (On a budget? Ask an older friend if her or her friends may have a dress from previous years you can borrow.. Styles don’t change that much within a few years and its almost guaranteed no one will have the same as you!)

2. Get your glam squad ready. Ask for referrals for local hairstylists and makeup artists that do a great job on special occasion styles and makeup applications (surprisingly not all stylists do these services) . Check out Facebook or Instagram for pictures, or sometimes where you get your dress from will be a great referral source! (On a budget? Have a girls night and practice putting hair and makeup on each other to see if you can handle it yourself!)

3. Have dinner at home! Ok, maybe not a full on dinner.. but appetizers or quick snacks so you eat before you dance all night! Most restaurants don’t take reservations so getting a huge group in, in a timely manner can be a huge hassle. This way everyone can bring a little something, save money, and you can talk to everyone instead of just the four people around you at a table!

4. Create a hashtag for your night! Use this on social media sites so you and your friends can take a look back on your night and how fabulous you all looked! Also, if you all want to pitch in for professional photos before there are independently owned photographers that I’m sure would be more than happy to come take care of that for you! Bye, Bye Iphone photos!! (;

5. With number 4 being said, don’t spend your whole night taking so many pictures you forget to enjoy the memories you’re making. A snap here or there is great but a picture of you posed isn’t nearly as fun as you enjoying the moment with your friends.. The school usually will provide a photographer during the dance so you can see what they captured later! The whole point of prom is to have a great night with your friends and be a kid, so do just that, and enjoy!!




All of the dresses and the Tuxedo in the Pictures can be purchased at The Bridal Boutique and Mr. Penguin Tuxedo in Lafayette, IN. The hair was done by Lola Hair Artistry, Makeup by MoMichelle, LLC, Photos by Sarah Parent Photography.


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