Runway to Reality


A style that has been becoming more popular over the last few years was showcased by CHI stylists at NYFW 2014. These braids make for a fun, easy style, perfect for spring and summer! Whether you want to dress it up or down, this style is perfect for a summer night. As seen below a more formal version of this has been seen at awards shows.


PIctured here is Sarah Hyland at the Golden Globe Awards.

Obviously in those pictures above there are different versions of this style. Here are two versions I created myself, one being a reverse braid with the ends wrapped around the head and the other being a traditional french braid and the ends wrapped around. Both of these were for fashion events so I let the texture show through, adding product to create more texture and essentially fall out of the ends.


Model: Kaylee B.



Model: Shay S.


For anyone interested in doing this look at home, please be aware that you can see texture much easier in lighter colors of hair. Especially if there are highlights within the hair. If you are wanting this hair for a special event you could ask a stylist if they could add tone on tone extensions into this to create the depth and texture for best results. If you are doing this at home you will get better results if you make sure you do this look on dry hair. You can use a texture spray on the ends of the braids and push the hair out to create, (for lack of a better term) “flyaways”. Another easy way to create the texture in the ends is once braided you can sprinkle some teasing powder on braids and push out the hair.

QUICK TIP: Leave braids in over night, take out in morning for perfectly waved hair!


I hope this post gave you a fun easy way to style your hair for a casual summer day, date night, or for attending an evening event! If you liked this post make sure to like this and if you want to see more, make sure to follow!!




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