How to get short hair without getting a hair cut!

Are you one of those people that usually on a whim cut your hair and the next day have haircut remorse? Are you a person who plans out strategically whether or not a style is practical for you? Either way, this post is for YOU!


Do you have long hair and are thinking about cutting it into a bob? Try this on for size! See what you think! See what others think!




In order to achieve this look I curled Jessica’s hair with an inch and a half barrel.

I then sprayed Sexy Hair Concepts Spray Clay in it to create texture while running my hands through the curls to break them up after they had cooled.

I shook her hair around so the look was a little more rough.

I then placed her hair in three very loose pony tails at the ends of her hair.

I took those pony tails and rolled them each up so the pony tails were “inside” the style.

To secure them i placed two bobby pins crossing each other at each roll.

If the hair separates into sections it is an easy fix, because this style is so loose you should be able to use your hands to gently pull pieces of hair closer so there is no separation. If you need to use something to secure you could use a bobby pin vertically so no edges show.


This style can be very versatile in my opinion. If you are going to a formal event and just want something different than your typical up-do you could use tighter curls for a more done up look! This would be great to try out a style you have been thinking about getting, or even just to say you have “short hair for a day”. It would also be wonderful for a hot summer day just to get the hair off of your neck! Whatever way you wear it I’m sure will be awesome! If you do decide to try this style make sure to post a picture of it in the comments! I want to see (:


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