5 DO’S and DON’TS of Home Hair Care

Are you frustrated? Does your hair always fail to cooperate with you but look wonderful at the salon? Well, here are 5 helpful tips and tricks to make your life a little easier on a day to day basis!

Here we go…

Don’t: use an ordinary brush to get through those tangles on wet hair! OUCH!
Not only are you completely torturing your poor precious scalp but you’re actually breaking your hair causing it 453 more split ends than you would have had in the first place!

tangle teezer

Do: Invest in a wet brush, a tangle teezer, or for saving money a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom! These won’t hurt, pull, or snag and your hair will remain practically unharmed! (remember: shop locally if you can (: call your local salon to see if they carry any of these in stock and if not, they will probably special order them for you.. cheaper than what you can find in a store!)

Don’t: put conditioner on your scalp! Can you say grease ball? Most of you probably think you HAVE to wash your hair everyday. Usually that’s not the case. (Read Do for explanation)

conditioning ends

Do: Only add conditioner to your ends. You’re conditioner will last you longer and the top of your head is generally the healthiest anyways.. let your natural oils come through without extra help. You’d be surprised how it doesn’t get near as “dirty looking”. It will also give you more volume at your roots for bouncy, beautiful hair!

Don’t: Pick the ends of your hair! (Yes, I’m talking to you! I know you’re bored.. grab a pen and doodle instead!)

split ends

Do: Find another “I’m bored” habit (; Preferably one like doodling, so you aren’t ruining any part of your body! When you pick the ends of your hair you are breaking what is already somewhat damaged even farther up your hair shaft. It may seem small now but one day you’ll wake up and wonder why you all the sudden you have short hair!

Don’t: Sleep in a pony tail.


Do: Take your hair out before you go to bed, brush it, and relax. Not only does any annoying pony tail sticking out of your head at night prevent actual sleep it is slowly but surely breaking those hairs that are in that pony tail to the point of no return!

Don’t: Add heat to essentially “naked” hair.


Do: Use a heat protectant before you blow dry or use a hot tool on your hair. It is kind of the “sunscreen” concept for hair! You have to protect it from the heat if you don’t want it to eventually act like “burnt” hair! Matrix Total Results has a new one I have been OBSESSING over! Its the Heat Resist Iron Tamer… the perfect heat lotion for practically any hair type!

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Have a great day everyone!!



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