Tips and Tricks to Get Bouncy Hair!

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The biggest complaint I hear as a stylist is that clients want more “body” in their hair! So here are a few tips and tricks I tell them when they are in my chair! I hope they are helpful to you!

1. Shampoo and conditioner. What are you using? Is it something your stylist personally prescribed for you? Is it over the counter and it was cheap so you bought it? I have said this 100 times and I’ll probably say it a million more. It all starts with the basics. Your stylist is there for a reason, they are knowledgeable in what would be best for your hair despite what a bottle at a drug store says. If you are on a budget you may be surprised that they can recommend something from the drug store. (It will be the lesser of all evils, but it is still best to get a recommendation)

2. When blow drying make sure to blow dry your roots first. Also, do not blow directly downward on your hair unless using a round brush while doing so.


3. If you are a person who prefers to air dry their hair (there is NOTHING wrong with that) you can use a teasing powder once hair is dry! (Sexy Hair Concepts has an amazing one: Powder Play)

4. If you’re going to flatiron pull your strands up at root and flatiron in an upward direction. (If you have long hair be prepared for your arm to be tired (; ) Or really, you could just flip your hair over or use a curling iron.

5. Try using a big curling iron to create soft curls. This doesn’t have to be perfectly defined it can just be a tousled look but in general it gives the appearance of more hair!

6. Grab a teasing brush! (local salons should carry this) Use this at the roots of your hair combing the hair in small circles and smooth out after! (Like this post if you want a “how to tease your hair” post)


7. Use a volumizing mousse or spray at your roots before you blow dry your hair. Rub this into the top of your hair strands and watch the volume happen!

8. For curly hair use a diffuser! This not only helps with defrizzing but it gives you control over how your hair lays as you dry it!

9. When hair is dry use a texturizing spray throughout hair and roughly move your hands throughout hair. These sprays are perfect for a mid day touch up without a heavy coating of hairspray!

10. Make sure you only use conditioners on the ends of hair. Not only does conditioner at the top of your head have the tendency to create dandruff, flaking, and extra oiliness but it will weigh your hair down.

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