The one product that all hairtypes need!!

Hey guys! I have a serious obsession right now and feel like I should share it with you. Absolutely every female client with longer than 2 inches of hair should and could use this. However, I hate the name because I feel like it limits the clients that gravitate towards it. It is made by Pureology and it is Color Fanatic. This product claims to have 21 benefits. Check out the picture below (: As far as it having 21 benefits I would have to say that yes it probably does however I feel like what is listed is a little repetitive. Which is why instead of listening to the hoopla on the bottle I can tell you what I have experienced using it on myself and on clients.





Ok, so I have a client who is a high lift blonde which means VERY processed hair. Now I’m a huge stickler on trying not to run color through ends unless absolutely necessary so most of my clients ends don’t show signs of color damage but what they do at home.. that just can’t be controlled. This client teases her hair.. and almost every day at that. Any of you who tease religiously I’m sure have seen signs of either breakage, or kinks up towards the scalp, and the texture starts to change. Not only this but it makes your hair very tangled so combing out after shampooing can be very difficult. I told her to take the Color Fanatic home knowing that it would help her hair tremendously but 6 weeks later when she returned I was AMAZED. I swore she had switched shampoos and conditioners, stopped blow drying her hair, had gotten a conditioning treatment, and I asked what she was doing differently. I totally had forgot that I had given her this product to take home. She faithfully used it everyday and it literally was MAGIC. So high lift blondes, YOU NEED THIS!!!

As far as my hair, I have thick, coarse, pretty resistant hair with a natural wave. For the past year I have been very gentle on my hair barely blow drying, and only changed the color like 3 times ( that is nothing for me ). My hair has grown pretty dramatically and if you check out my post from a month ago you can see the stages I have went through. For the past 2 months every time I wash my hair I use the Color Fanatic.. so for it being fairly healthy and I use very good products on my hair I still saw a difference! My hair not only smells delicious every day, but it has an added shine that it didn’t have before. I have ombre’d my ends pretty significantly so the ends tend to be tangled. Spray this through and it works like a dream, no pulling, no snags the comb just gently goes through. I LOVE this product for my hair because the texture seems to be softer as well.

For people without color treated hair: this product leaves your hair feeling moisturized, shiny, and I feel that it shines through your natural highlights. It is a very thin, light spray for your hair so you aren’t necessarily coating it like you would be with some other leave in conditioners. This product will not weigh your hair down but I find it typically smooths down clients cuticles ( those lovely things that your split ends show up on). It leaves the hair feeling soft and weightless yet as a conditioner it is fabulous!


You can look up where Pureology products are sold online but if you are in Indiana, specifically the Greater Lafayette Area, The Hairspa carries this amazing product. There are 2 locations as well. Check out for more information.


If you have used this product before comment and tell me what you think about it! Or what are your favorite MUST HAVE products?





*This is my opinion of this product, everyone is allergic to different things so please check the ingredients before you use any product!





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