After my week of work here are some comments that I heard.. I feel that it is necessary that someone says out loud what everyone is thinking! Of course only if you aren’t the one in the hot seat are you even aware of how harsh and ridiculous these things sound. “My husband doesn’t like my hair short” , “If i cut it I’ll go home to divorce papers”, “My mom hated that color so I guess we need to go back to how it was”, “My friends told me they like it long”. Ew, get that talk out of here!

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of these simple facts.. While everyone else does have usually very strongly voiced opinions of how you wear your hair you aren’t doing it for them. REMEMBER THAT! The reason you get up and do your hair in the morning is simply for you, so when you look in that mirror YOU feel top notch. You feel acceptable to the world, you feel fabulous.. don’t let anyone take that from you!

There is nothing wrong with compliments affecting your day, if people love the way you wear your hair, AWESOME! Just don’t let that fear you from being you or from doing that super short pixie which you absolutely love! At the end of the day it is just hair and it can be changed. With that being said, while speaking to your friends and loved ones be aware of how you can affect their confidence and self worth. Remember that you wouldn’t want anyone to insult you so don’t do it to them. Also, you want to build up the people around you not put them down so be aware how tones and comments can ruin someones day. At some point we’ve probably all said one of those first comments I pointed out, lets try to change those comments into the opposite and be positive! No one should feel like they can’t cut their hair because someone will poke fun!

Remember that you are beautiful in your own way. We are not all made the same and there is definitely a reason for that! Wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all looked like cookie cutter people? More often than not as a stylist people say to me “I wish i could wear my hair like that” well, I’m here to tell you.. YOU CAN! Do whatever you want whenever you want with your hair! Your stylist will be able to shape and frame things to your face so that it is flattering to your face shape.. they will help you feel beautiful and fabulous you just have to let them. Forget about all of those fears of what everyone might say and be YOU!






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