Tips and Tricks to Curling Your Hair


Here are a few tips on how to keeping your curls to last all day long! Some you may not believe until you try it but I promise they work (:

1. The heat setting on your curling iron is very important when curling your hair.  Whether you’re using a wand or a traditional curling iron the heat setting matters. You don’t necessarily need to crank it up to the highest setting but if you have one without one.. it may be time to replace it! The heat setting matters based on your type of hair. For thicker, coarse hair you can stay in the higher settings but with fine and fragile hair please try low and work your way up.

2. The time you have it on your hair. Each section you take should be held for no longer than 10 seconds.. Especially if you have the heat setting cranked up. The longer you hold it the more you risk burning your hair which not only results in hot mess but burned, fried, limp noodles for hair.

3. Always use a protectant. These days they make protectants that can act as a “primer” for lack of better words. I use one daily that offers protection but also helps achieve the best look possible with any hot tool I use. It’s by Matrix and it is only sold in professional salons (if you see it on a shelf.. don’t buy it. It’s probably tampered.) The product is pictured below. Matrix Design Pulse Iron In.


4. Hairspray bottles down folks! Seriously, put it away. Shh, its a secret…. TOO MUCH HAIRSPRAY WILL WEIGH YOUR HAIR DOWN!!! What?!? NO!!! Yes ladies and gents… now you can all stop suffocating yourself in the bathroom every morning with that lovely mist you keep coughing in! Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic but really, too much of a good thing can be one very bad thing. When your done curling just lightly spray and go. A touchup now and then is fine, however the more you spray the harder your hair gets the harder your hair gets the stickier it gets and the stickier it gets it starts to fall.

5. Invest in a good curling iron.. yes, I know its expensive.. but watch for sales at your local salons or check online for cheaper prices. I personally would be leary of buying offline unless it was directly from a company themselves because you honestly have no way of knowing what you’re getting and unless your a metal specialist you won’t actually know what you’re putting on your hair.Same goes for buying a CHI at TJMAXX.. obviously all brands but this is the most common one I see. I would love to believe that all of those products are in fact 100% from the manufacturer but I can assure you that drug stores BIOLAGE products are not real and or tampered with so I can only imagine. The good news for you as a consumer is most salons don’t mark tools up majorly because they just in fact would not be able to sell them. Also, salons products should be 100% guaranteed so if you don’t like it you can usually return it without any issue. If you’re concerned about that just ask about the return policy before you purchase! Its an investment but I promise you it is worth it!

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The bridal photo was taken by Sarah Parent Photography, for some reason the logo is fuzzy so I’m sure its compromising the quality. I’m sorry!

The Iron In photo is compliments of


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