Why everyone is obsessing about Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is one of the things many beauty bloggers, vloggers, and people in general have been talking about non stop lately. Don’t believe the hype? Don’t get why you would need it? Want to know why everyone is talking about these wacky products? Keep reading!

Some of you honestly may not know what I’m talking about, so for those of you who don’t here we go! Dry shampoo is a cool shot spray that can be used on days you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go through the full routine of washing your hair and then getting ready. Dry shampoo is in an aerosol can that generally lasts you about 6 weeks. They have them for all hair types and many brands are getting in on the fad.

How you apply: Hold can 6-8 inches away from the scalp and spray on any areas that may seem oily.. generally around your hairline, in your part, and around the nape of your neck. You can run your fingers through and “shake it throughout” or you can take a brush and brush it through your hair.


Ok, now that we have the basics out of the way I will tell you why I personally as a hairstylist believe that this is better than your old school baby powder trick for oily hair, and why I think these are products that are here to stay.

 Dry shampoos can be used for many things, clearly they are for the obvious.. using these in your “non hair washing days”. Because they are a “cool shot” spray they make you FEEL super clean. Clearly you’re adding more product in your hair essentially doing what is debatable about just dirtying it up more but the direct air flow to your scalp alone is enough to make you feel much cleaner. This is one major reason why the baby powder trick loses this in my book. Also the residue, if you stick white baby powder into dark brown hair what do you get? A gray cast of course, and it will be all over the areas that you placed it.. now you’re drawing more attention the the area that you were trying to distract from. I have tried many different professional brands and have never had an issue with this happening as long as the can is 6 inches away from my hair. I have naturally dark hair and right now it is bright red so you see every little thing. I swear by these products.

Dry shampoo isn’t just for cleansing. All you fine haired people out there, this product is for you!!! Not only will it let you go a day in between actually washing your hair but it will give you texture as well. Alot of my clients use different dry shampoos and conditioners as a texturizing spray. Most texturizing sprays can be heavy and weigh down fine hair but not with something that is intentionally cleaning your hair! It is perfect for this. These products also add volume when sprayed in the hair as well so it goes hand and hand with texturizing!  For coarse, thick haired people.. you will LOVE this! I personally wash my hair about every 3 days so to have that refreshing feeling on my head I really love it. It also restores the bounce in my hair for my third day hair which is nice because it can tend to get weighted down.

It is well worth your money! With all of the different uses and the amount of time each container can last you you will not only save money on your everyday shampoo and conditioner but it can potentially save you money in repair products at the salon. Washing your hair everyday is actually very harmful to your hair.. It can dry it out and your natural oils can’t really do what they are supoosed to in a 24 hour span of time. You will not only be protecting your hair from side effects of everyday shampooing but your hair will still feel clean and refreshed as the day goes on! There are many different brands and price ranges for these products as well. Like anything else they all have their pros and cons of each! For a full review and compare and contrast of some of my favorite and least favorite, maybe even a video of me showing you how to properly use them.. be sure to like this post! If you have a favorite leave it in the comments, I would love to hear what you guys are using and loving!

clean remix

I hope this helped sort out some of your doubt in these products as well as gave you as new way to use them! Thanks for reading (:



All photos were pulled from google.com/images and all of these opinions are my own.. I am a professional hairstylist and these are the results I have seen on myself and on clients.

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