Knotties… HOT OR NOT?!?!?!



Have any of you seen these things? These weird little knotted hair ties? I’m sure you have.. they seem to be in every discount bin, up at the registers at stores.. but have you bought them? Are you scared like the rest of the world that you may just wait your $5? I’m here to give you the skinny on these strange little creations! Keep reading if you’re interested..


Alright lets start with what they actually are.. Seriously, I’m sure you’re all waiting on some super cool response that frankly I just can’t give you. It’s just another form of a hair tie.They usually come in bright, loud, and/ or sparkly colors. I’ve seen them in bins by the registers at JCPenny’s (I believe they are considered part of Sephora… I’m not sure, sorry!) and I’ve actually received a few in little emergency kit things from different events and such. If you’re looking to buy them I would try stores like Icing or H&M because I do believe they carry them. They seem to be super cheap and usually come in packs of 5 or so.

Now, what they are good for.. I think these are probably the best hair ties for when you’ve just done your hair and are hot.. you want to throw it up real quick to get it off your neck.. PERFECT. Why? Because these little bad boys don’t have a very strong elastic band, and there is no part in which they are “melted” or “banded” together with metal or glue. Yes, they are tied but for some reason that little space that the actual tied end comes together apparently gives even room to leave it completely seamless! Best part about this, it leaves NO DENTS! I personally, have very thick and coarse hair which means bands squeeze my hair shafts insanely and I’m bound to have a mark in the back of my head after 5 minutes of it being in a pony. I have never personally had an issue when I wear these, even when I’ve worn them all day and taken my hair down. I think these would be awesome in the summer time because if you’re throwing up your fresh, pool soaked hair it will do way less damage than a normal hair band would.

Their big FAIL, in my opinion there is only one thing wrong with these… NONE of them are the same size. This is probably the most depressing thing because they are honestly fabulous. I can wear them all day with no headache as long as I get one that is big enough or is stretchy enough. I have found the ones without sparkles weaved in tend to stretch farther than the ones with it. Out of a pack of 5 I usually average 3 really good ones. Now, the ones I have bought have been on sale and honestly I think it cost me $3.99 for a pack of 5 so honestly It’s not that bad of a deal but if you lose hair ties like I do you’ll appreciate knowing this little fact (: Seriously, it’s a problem… Where do all the hair ties go!??!!?!?

My one other tiny little complaint would be how big the tie is. Unfortunately I still think your regular hair tie is still very useful for situations such as a pretty bun or if you’re wrapping hair around your band for a chic pony because the tie is large it can stick out but for your casual days or for a quick cool down these are GREAT. I think its definitely something worth spending your $5-10 on because who doesn’t want to be able to throw their hair up real quick and have no mark!? These are definitely on my summer essentials list!

Have you used these? Like them? Love them? Hate them? Tell me in the comments section!

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