The truth about Tangle Teezers

tangle teezer

“Is that a dog brush?”  No. Hehe, although when I heard about and saw these that thought did cross my mind. Little did I know this little tool would become a part of not only my daily routine but something I would use on almost every client. I was just as in shock as every client is the first time I use it on them. I promise. You see them in magazines, we get them in ads weekly at the salon, they tell you how fabulous they are for conditioning treatment services and how they come in all shapes and sizes and how the tangles come right out. NO brush is this good, right?

WRONG! These things are basically magic. They are perfect for children as well. If you have little girls or boys with long hair you know that when it comes time to comb out the tangles it can usually lead to lots of tears. Wet or dry this brush can be used to not only cut brushing time in half but I would really be surprised if any tears were involved. When I use this brush on clients they say it feels like a “massage for their head”. The way the bristles are on it create a massage like affect when placed upon the scalp. Not only that but they are moveable enough so they don’t just rip through the hair like most plastic brushes yet they leave the hair tangle free.

These brushes do come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I have the one pictured above and one just a little bit bigger than this. They have compact sizes for your purse, which look no different except smaller so time wise it may take a little longer to use. The bigger ones may be better for people with longer hair however I haven’t had a chance to use one of those yet. They market them as something you would use more on a professional level to run conditioning treatments through ends of hair and things like that so I feel confident saying that you could totally have one in every size. One for your purse, on for your every day use, and one for the shower to run a mask through your ends. (; The obsession is real, I’m telling you! You can find these brushes in local salons near you, and you can also find them at Sally’s Beauty Supply. However, If you get them at Sally’s I would only do that if you absolutely can’t find somewhere to get them. Why? Because the price is WAY jacked up!!! As a professional I paid more for this brush at Sally’s than I would have to get online order one individually from a professionals only website and have it shipped.  So, If you can’t find them I’d highly recommend telling your favorite hairstylist to order them or for his or her boss to look into purchasing them. Now, go get yours. I promise you won’t regret it!



*All of my opinions are my own and I am not being paid to say any of this.. these are my opinions and experiences*

If you live in or around the Greater Lafayette Area in Indiana you can purchase these at The Hairspa.

For business Inquiries ONLY


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