Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Red Hair, Really Red!

Red hair is in, and in more vibrant shades than ever! But the struggle to keep those beautiful “Ariel” (yes, everything should be able to go back to a Disney classic) type looks is very, very real. Luckily for all of us who dare to do so can use a few simple tricks to prolong that beautiful color!


* Use a tinted shampoo (Pureology makes an amazing one) , but please please don’t use it everyday! Having red hair is awesome, but what good is it if its so dried out?! It’s not. Just trust me, once every other wash should be sufficient!

* Don’t wash your hair everyday… GROSS, right? No, actually giving your hair a break for a day is good for it! Most “oily” scalped people actually realize after times of letting their hair go a day without shampoo the oiliness will slow down. Your scalp tends to act like your face would, when you dry your skin out it tries to over produce oils which ends up in a hot mess wether it be your face and or your hair/scalp. So give yourself an extra 20 in the morning every other day and sleep. (;

*If you shower at night, don’t go to bed with your hair wet. Yes, you may not be subjecting your hair to heat but cotton is one of the most absorbent fabrics, so not only did you probably ruin your pretty white pillow case that is now pink, but you just sucked any extra moisture in your ends out. If you want to let it air dry that’s awesome, just let it dry to at least 85% before you lay your head on a pillow case.

* Use color safe products recommended by your stylist… It may cost you more money up front but it will help tremendously and it generally will end up saving you from going back to the salon a few weeks earlier than normal. Lots of drug store brands can be very stripping on your hair and color even if it states color safe, just ask your stylist, they are there to educate you!

* If you can stand it wash your hair in cool water, it helps preserve the color and shine of your hair which helps prevent fading reds from appearing dull or flat. If you can’t stand in a cold shower I recommend acting like an acrobat and bending your head under the faucet and enjoy a hot bath. Ha! Good luck! (:


Excuse the selfie, but this is my hair… I’ve been red for four months now and I’ve only colored it three times. My hair routine is a rotation of Pureology shampoos and conditioners.. every other time I use the Red line. I rarely blow dry my hair and limit heat as much as possible, I am a licensed hairstylist that works in a salon so honestly, I use heat quite a bit. I just thought this may give you all an idea of how this really can work! I hope that these little tips and tricks were helpful to all of you red heads out there or for anyone with color in general! Make sure you like this post, and if you have a favorite red shampoo or hair routine make sure to leave it in the comments!



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