Summer Hair Care


Well, its here! Summer is finally here! If you live anywhere in the mid-west or northern areas I’m sure you’re throwing just as big of a party as I am. I was beginning to think that the warm weather was never coming! But low and behold it is here! Which means, pools, vacations with beaches, salt water, barbeques, and bonfires! Bring it on!

As fun as all of that above is its not very fun for your hair strands. WHAT? “How could all of those things affect your hair? ” you say. Well, lots of those things dry your hair out, fade colored hair, and potentially leave you needing a hair overhaul at the end of the summer. There are lots of ways to avoid that so I’m here to give you a few tips and tricks so that you’re not dropping way too much money at the end of the summer trying to fix what a few fun nights did to you!

pool hair

First things first, chlorine. We don’t have a lot of “beaches, and definitely no ocean” around my area so as far as my friends and family go this seems to be the biggest issue. Chlorine is very very drying and harmful to the hair, and its even worst for you blondies out there because you have the abilitity to turn your hair into the color of oscar the grouch. (However, I do know a few people who can rock some awesome green hair, but they want that… Let’s keep the unwanted tones out) I tell all my clients to wet your hair before getting into a pool, and spraying a leave in conditioner in their ends. Even if you don’t plan on getting your hair wet it can sort of act as a sunscreen for your hair as well. It just creates a thin layer between your hair and the water and in theory counteracts the dryness that can come out of pool water. If you have colored hair if you do this you’ll definitely see less color fading than you would of if you skipped this step.

Salt water has the same affects on hair it just doesn’t turn it green. If you spend most of your time in salt water make sure you’re using a good shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. Not only that but it wouldn’t hurt to add a little moisture product in your routine if you’re not already doing so. Sometimes your hair and scalp can get so dry it over produces oil so before ruling this out make sure you ask your stylist if they think your oil comes from extra dryness or if you just really do create that much oil in general. You can do masks at home on your hair on an uneventful evening to help put some moisture in your ends as well.

conditioning treatment

Fires, not only do they make your hair stink but they can dry out your hair as well. If you’re camping on a regular basis I just recommend not to sit by the fire with wet hair. Solely for the sake of it will be almost impossible to get the smell out of your hair. This obviously isn’t harmful but burnt hair stinks and if you get to close not only will your hair smell like bonfire but it can start to heat it up so much it literally smells like burnt hair. Now obviously, this isn’t realistic all of the time so if you have to just make sure you do a mask later on or make sure you get an ultra hydrating conditioner to apply on your ends more regularly. (Biolage by Matrix has a great one)

At the end of the summer your hair almost always does need a deep conditioning treatment. Most salons will run specials on these, so just ask your stylist. They really are worth every penny, the results that your hair can see are amazing.


 Another suggestion for all of the above I have is to invest in a hat. A hat for the beach or pool can be an adorable accessory and save your hair from the blazing sun, A ball cap for a bonfire can be fun and fashionable while protecting your hair from the extra heat!

I hope that these little tips and tricks help save your hair from summer heat and water damage! If you have any post suggestions just leave it in the comments section! Make sure you like this post if you want to see more things like this!



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