What I’m Loving.. For ALL Hairtypes (Part 1)

As a hairstylist that works “behind the chair” I generally try out a Lot more products than the average person. Not only do I try them on me but I get the opportunity to try them on lots of different hair types and textures. IN the past two years I have created my business around styling hair. Now, I still take your normal cuts and colors but I specialize in styling, for bridal hair, head shots, photo shoots, etc. If you would have told me 5 years ago that  a. Styling would be my passion and b. that i would think totally touchable hair was the way to go, I would tell you, “you are nuts”. In the past 2 and a half years my style has changed pretty dramatically. I think things should be loose and natural, soft and touchable. There is a time and place for stuck to your head helmet hair and in your everyday life, if you have longer hair than your chin, that is not generally the case. I started my blog so I could educate people on how to style their hair, products that could make their life easier, and my cosmetology knowledge so that maybe just maybe getting the look that you’ve been dying to have, the look that you had the moment you walked out of the salon could come to life at home. Today I’m going to do just that and give you some of my favorite products for “everyday” hair, I’ll mention different textures, and purposes that I use these products for. I got halfway through posting this and decided it was going to be way too long so I’m going to break it down… so here is part 1.

 My first product I’m going to mention is something I know I’ve probably talked about before. It’s one of those things that from my perspective people don’t think it’s worth spending the money on. It’s a product that people think a drug store brand is “good enough” . Sadly, buying one of these from the drug store could be your worst hair decision. The product that they literally make for all hair types is MATRIX Biolage Exquisite Oil. I personally use the replenishing one. I believe this is the original formula, they have one for softening and one for strengthening as well. When you use this oil… OMG will literally fall out of your mouth. It isn’t sticky, it isn’t wet, it isn’t gooey. It is plain and simple one of the thinnest yet most effective oils on the market. It smells SO good, all three kinds do and I actually use one of these oils on 95% of my women’s clients and daily on myself. I usually “accidentally” put to much into my hands because I rub the extra in to my skin. HA! No, really it is that good!


My next favorite is probably my newest obsession. Ok, maybe this should be in a different post because the bottle seriously says “summer” on it… whoops! Oh well, regardless I would use this year round. Stylists, this may be your new best friend as well.  Let it be known that I am a person who generally does not use shine sprays on people unless someone has very gray hair or very damaged hair so colors can appear dull. The color I use has a pretty high shine to it anyways so this has never been an issue. However, I know there are some lines that are actually more “flat or matte” appearing and those stylists do sell shine products. I use shine sprays for up-dos. Not to finish them because sometimes they can appear wet but to spruce up curls if you’ve pinned a piece up and pulled i through a bobby pin one to many times. I use them to reduce static from constant touching of fine hair and by George this shine spray wins, 10 out of 10 for Altera’s BAMBOO Summer Sunshine Spray. Open the bottle, you’re sold just from one whiff of this stuff. I’ve decided it has summer in the name because it smells like you’re in paradise land on a beach somewhere with a drink in hand. Having a bad day? Spray this on your ends and day dream to Barbados. It’s not too heavy so if you wanted to wear a light spray daily I don’t see why you couldn’t. I suggest spraying it only on your ends to avoid looking greasy because the shine in this baby is real.


For all your curly haired people! Have you been searching for a product with hold but no crunch? Look no more… it is here! And of course it smells delicious… (anyone notice a pattern here (; hehe!) Pureology hit this one out of the park. Especially because of the reflective technology in it. Even 1 toned hair colors look shiny and beautiful. A little bit goes a long way and your hair is touchable instead of crunchy. If you must have crunch you can add a hard hold hairspray and viola!! This product truly just brings curly hair back to life. illuminaTing curl

As I got further into this post like I said I realized it would be really long so because I’m splitting into parts I figured I would throw in a style per part. This one is PERFECT for summer. Whether its a date night, day of shopping, or a cute pool style if you have a friend who can french braid you better start asking now (; Crown braids, well if they ever go out of style I’ll just be so sad. We’ll keep it at that and if you would like to see a tutorial on this look just make sure you like this post! Maybe I can throw in a video of it or something! IMG_4904

I hope this helped explain some new products to you! Professional products can be pricey but if you think about it… would you buy a designer suit and wash it in your washer at home? Probably not! (That one I can’t take credit for… I heard it from a friend the other day) However, If you have a favorites post, post it below I would LOVE to check it out!





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