How to Care for a Spray Tan

The airbrush/ self-tanning industry seems to be just booming lately. Everyone knows someone who air brush tans people. You can find them available in booths, people who will actually tan you, or ones you can DIY. I personally prefer for someone to actually spray me, I feel that you can get a better tan that way because I don’t know about you but I know I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. But, to each their own. I have been getting air brush tans for a little over a year and have learned ALOT to extend the life of my tan and save myself some money.


1. Before you shower, lotion yourself up. It’s not unheard of to get a spray tan, leave the salon, and get poured on. If you wait until the tan is ready to come off and throw some lotion on it blends in any spots you may have.

2. Wait the recommended time before you shower. Unless you want to have thrown your precious, hard earned dollars down the drain. The hours they give you have been tested and tried, they work.

3. Stay moisturized. Before you go to bed, when you wake up, after you shower. The first sign of a tan fading will be slight little cracks, prevent these by keeping as moisturized as possible.

4. Use a moisturizer with a slight tanner in it. I personally use the Jergens one. It doesn’t stink and when my tan is on its last little bit of wear it makes harsh lines disappear.


5. Get your old tan completely off before you get a new one. Think of fresh and clean skin as a base. If your base has something already falling off the new layer will come off with it.

6. Shave, exfoliate, avoid lotions, perfumes, and deodorants right before tan. You want to be able to let the solution soak onto your skin for extra staying power. Layers on skin before can make tans splotchy and remove quicker.

7. Last but not least, Wear loose clothing. Avoid any friction with clothing immediately if possible after tanning so the tan doesn’t rub off on clothing.

These tips have helped me make my tans last up to two weeks. Tan prices range depending on area but they can be very pricey. Plus, who doesn’t love saving money? If you have any other tips or tricks let me know I would love to hear them! Until next time!!




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One thought on “How to Care for a Spray Tan

  1. Yes all very good information. Also, something that I just learned (the hard way), do not use Conditioner to shave your legs. It leaves a film and the solution does not adhere to your skin.

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