3 Simple Tricks for Flawless Makeup that Lasts All Day.

Hey guys! Happy weekend! In my area its absolutely beautiful! Beautiful weather means creating more things to do which gives us a reason to look our best all the time! Now, if you’re a girl who wears no makeup on the weekend, GO YOU! But, I’m not that girl and I actually like wearing makeup most days. I however have learned in the heat and humidity I definitely need these few simple tricks to get my makeup to last and to look fabulous all day long. Whether there is rain, I’m sweating, or I feel like my skin my melt off when I follow these rules I don’t seem to have a problem with makeup staying on all day.




Pictured: Model Abbie, Hair and Makeup by Lola Hair Artistry


1. USE A PRIMER. Some people think primers are a gimmick, well I’m here to tell you they are not. I have pretty dry skin all around my face but tend to get oily in my t-zone. When I use a primer it just evens everything out. I can moisturize all day long and some of my skin just doesn’t produce oil. And then randomly if it does, it over produces it and I end up with a grease ball of a face. Primers however can be kind of difficult to find at a decent price. The good thing is usually its about $32- $40 for primer bottles from a makeup counter or salon… these will no kidding, last you for a LONG time. Even if you can just talk them into giving you a travel size or getting a sample before you buy you’ll be amazed how many applications you can get out of then. A pea size goes a long way.


2. Apply liquid with a brush. So in high school, before I was a little more educated on makeup and how to apply I did use liquid foundation with my hands or a sponge that you get in a multi pack. I haven’t honestly tried a beauty blender yet so I can’t speak for that but its because I have had no reason to. I apply my liquid foundation with a dense flat top kabuki brush, using circular motions. This gives an airbrushed effect and in areas that you feel you may need a little more coverage stipple product on and then blend it out. I’ve tried using my hands in a pinch and the staying power just doesn’t seem to be as powerful.


3. Use a setting spray. Another product that is worth every penny! Most of my clients refer to it as “hairspray for their face”. Which is essentially what it is. It doesn’t dry the skin out or anything it just locks everything into place. Another reason why I really like it is because it, to me, makes the face look less cake like. It just brings “makeup faces” to life. I think it makes everything look super wearable and the lasting power is perfect for this heat!


I hope these tips were helpful I wanted to keep this post pretty short considering my last ones have went on forever! If you have any of your own tips I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments section and don’t forget if you like what you read make sure to hit the follow button!





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