What Big Box Stores Don’t Tell You About Hair Product

Your stylist wants you to buy their product from them because they get money for it right? It’s not any different from what you find on Target or Walmart shelves. Your $3 bottle does the exact same thing their $25 bottle does. Right? WRONG! Take a second, breathe, I know your bubble was just burst. I’m sorry. No, guys, really. I’ll tell you what the difference is… and help you know how to spot fake or tampered product a little easier. Here are a few little tips and facts to take into consideration while buying product.



1. Your $3 shampoo will not protect your $100 + color. It will not repair your hair. It will leave a coating on it, and or dry your hair out. There are LOTS of affordable salon lines, just ask a stylist.

2. Lots of over the counter shampoos and conditioners contain harmful ingredients.

3. You should treat your hair like your body, your stylist is your DR. they will prescribe you special products to treat your hair.

4. Those “professional” products on shelves of drug stores or places like Walmart or Target could be fake, tampered, or expired. It is diversion and if you notice all PROFESSIONAL brands say. Only guaranteed when sold in a professional salon. They are not a professional salon the last I knew.

5. If you chance it and buy one of those products from a shelf not in a salon you just spent 10% more than you would have in a salon.

6. When you buy local you support your community.

7. Most stylists do NOT make commission off of your sales, they genuinely want you to have fabulous hair.

8. Professional products are 100% guaranteed. Hate the product? Take it back!

9. Last but not least, the results you get from professional products will change your life. It will always be worth it.


I hope this was informational and hopefully you all learned a little something? Feel free to share with your friends as well. Friends don’t let friends have bad hair!! Until next time!





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