HAIR CARE = $$$$$ , How to Save.

If we’re all being honest with ourselves our luscious locks can get quite pricey. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to spend your money a little wiser and maintain those beautiful strands.

1. Buy professional shampoo and conditioner.

(You honestly use less, the product goes further, and really do you think a $2 bottle of shampoo was made to care for that $100 color you just got? Don’t destroy what you paid so much money for. )

2. When buying a hot tool ( flat iron, curling iron, waver) make sure the salon you purchased it at has a good return policy… not all irons are made equal and your stylist should be happy to help you find the perfect one for you.

3. Invest in a blow dryer with heat settings.

(Turn down the heat and use a brush to blow your hair out. It’s less wear and tear on your dryer so it should expand the life time without burning your hair.)

4.Don’t expect a $20 curling iron and blow dryer to last you for years.

(It’s not their fault, they aren’t built to last. In my opinion you should spend a little more initially on items like these because you could go through quite a few drug store blow dryers in a year as opposed to a good one that will last.)

5. Try not to wash your hair everyday. Grossed out? Invest in dry shampoo.

Professional products or not, over stimulating your scalp is bad. Your hair needs a break to let some of its natural oils surface.. most people would be surprised to find they are “oily” because they just need to give their scalp a little break.

I hope these tips and tricks were useful. If you have any of your own i would LOVE to hear them! Comment below and feel free to leave more suggestions for posts below! I hope you all have a fabulous night!



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