Protecting Your Hair From the Summer Weather

The summer months are quickly approaching and in some places you may already have summer weather. With the summer time and heat comes the blistering sun, chlorine, salt water, and dried out ends. Here are a few ways you can prevent and protect your beautiful strands from all this damage.

1. If you can, wear a hat. It’s hot, I know, but wearing a hat not only will protect your scalp but from massive color fading if your chemically addicted.

2. Put a leave in conditioner in before swimming. Those signs at public pools that say shower before enter, listen to them. As awful and cold as that sounds it’ll actually help some of that chlorine slide of your locks. Double the process and add a little leave in conditioner before you get in and you’ll have extra protection.

3. Avoid sun in at all costs, aka lemon juice or any citrus liquid that Pinterest may tell you will give you brighter, blonder, hair. These products strip your ends and end up frying your hair.

4. If you are a water bug and can’t stay out of the water make sure you get a Malibu (treatment for removing chlorine) done once a month along with a conditioning treatment.

5. Use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for frequent chlorine dips but know depending on how frequently you are in the water matters. These can be harmful to your hair if you overuse them.

6. If you are in salt water a lot i recommend avoiding any sea salt sprays for that time being. Professional or not these products can be drying to your ends because thats what salt does to hair, if your essentially double dipping you’re causing yourself double the problem.

If you have any tips or tricks of your own please feel free to post in the comments below.. I love to hear new ideas!



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