UPDATE: Ooooooh, here we go! So I started this post talking about bridal trials, got super distracted by describing wedding hair, which turned into an extension post, and now here I am typing away about to give you an update because I just got super apologetic and hit delete! Sooooo it’s been slow on here for about, oh 9 months or so.. and for those of you who enjoyed reading regularly, I’m sorry, and we’re getting back at it! Around here these days we have a little one, a 3 month old to be exact and she’s just so squishy and cute some days I can’t pry myself away and type, except now I have SO much to be excited about! In the next year or so I have big plans for my business and where I want to take it, where I want to be for myself as a person, a mom, and a stylist. Having my baby girl has totally opened up my eyes and made me realize if I want things to happen I’m just going to have to JUMP! And as scary as that is leeeeet’s go! In the months ahead you will notice a lot of styling on all of my social media, not that you already don’t but this is now and will continue to be my number one focus… STYLING! Need your hair done for an event, pictures, or just for fun… I have got you covered! I am so fortunate to have the best friends, family, and salon family to help support it all! I feel like the past year or so has been a wild ride and it is quickly becoming a reality that these are things I can actually do. I do want to say thank you, thank you to all of you that have spent your time reading, liking, sharing, and referring me business. Thank you to all of the brides who have made early mornings so much fun and made me realize my true passion for this industry. Thank you for all of the companies who make products that I truly believe in and are high quality for my guests. Thank you to all of the wonderful wedding vendors and the people who run these companies behind the scenes for being awesome friends, colleagues, and great to work with! Thank you to all of my friends who have listened to me say ” I have to work” 10 times too many. To my family, who I’m usually running in and out of the house to say hi and bye and dropping off my kid, I really appreciate it all. I’m so glad that I am one lucky girl who gets to share all of this stuff with the world. So now, the fun stuff. From now on, all brides will be blogged. (if they so choose) So that being said, brides who I have worked with in the past… If you have any pictures you would like to share with us please do! Send them to lolahairartistry@gmail.com and I will make sure that you are recognized!! I have created a blogging schedule that I will do my best to stick too. I want to be able to share tips, tricks, and demos with you guys on a regular basis. I am a youtube junkie.. I don’t think that’s a road I want to go down but I do have a whole lot of good stuff to share with you and I just want the world to have beautiful hair. (:  I hope that you all hit the follow button now and go follow me on the rest of our social media. Here’s to a great rest of the year.. We’ve made it halfway through people… Mad props to all of you who have stuck to your New Year’s resolutions!


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