Hair Prep Before a Wedding


Are you in a wedding, the bride, bridesmaid, or that super special friend that is accompanying the bridal party to get ready? Clean hair, dirty hair, wet hair, dry hair? What to do….We’ve all heard “leave your hair dirty” I’m telling you NO. NO. NO. NO. Please (;


 Ha ok so maybe that was a wee bit dramatic but I’ll make sure to back that little claim up. No worries, Let me just get real honest with you. When a hairdresser says “it’s better to work with dirty hair”, we actually mean, ok yesterdays hair that you actually didn’t do anything too. Why? Because that 3 day old hair that is officially greasy and has been straightened the past two days is not going to curl to save anyones life. It’s just not. We love ya! We love that you’re doing what you have always been told to do. But we have stunk at telling the world thats not actually what we mean. So be kind to your stylist… wash your hair the night before, blow dry it.. so we aren’t doing it the next day when we’ve timed everything out perfectly. (unless you’ve already discussed this with the stylist) Like I said before we absolutely LOVE you for doing what you’re told, we are actually the problem… hah! Suggestion if you aren’t comfortable with this: have the bride or wedding coordinator, who ever is handling these appointments ask how they would like the hair prepped for them. Everyone is different… there are some people that I do prefer to come with wet hair, and some that I can tell them ( at least the bride, THANK YOU TRIALS (: ) exactly what products to put in before drying.


I hope this helps some of you awesome brides! Also, if you are looking for bridal services I would LOVE to help you guys out! Bridal hair is my absolute favorite thing to do and I do travel!! Intersted in pricing? Contact me at To see pictures of my work or keep up with my team and I daily follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: Lola Hair Artistry. We would love to communicate with you regularly! If you have any comments, questions, or post requests be sure to post them below. Make sure you hit the follow button to get updates on us as well!




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