Review: Extensions

Ok, so I have seriously went back and forth on wether it is appropriate for me to post about this, but after lots and lots of thinking and talking about it with ones close to me I figured I should for the simple fact that I do in fact care about quality. I absolutely hate negative posting and I try very hard to keep everything positive. I am a very good bang for your budget kind of girl. I believe in quality and that you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for things that are virtually disposable. However, I am very aware that you get what you pay for, which is why I am so irritated by this product.

In August I flew to Texas to attend my brother’s wedding, I did the hair for the wedding and I’m sure lots of you will be surprised that in 95% of bridal hair I add “filler” hair. Now, the reason that I do this is to create a better looking style and people have NO clue that I’m doing it unless they are actually watching me put it in place. I like to keep the hair inexpensive to avoid charging the brides for this hair. That is NOT always possible.. like when someone needs a full set of clip in extensions. They are expensive and cost more than the brides hair, that I can’t give away. But if you need a few extra pieces of hair I will happily splurge on that for you. This hair actually is “disposable” as I do not pay very much for it because it is not the vast majority of the hair shown. Ok, so now back to what happened.. I waited until I got to Texas to purchase the hair for my sister in law’s hair. ( I was there a week early) Now, please understand that I needed just a few pieces to fill in her side swept hair.. nothing crazy, so this in the end did all work out. However, the Sally’s that was there was a little scary and ok, I had my four month old baby with me.. I wasn’t going in… I should have. I’ll never make that mistake again. (: So, Lubbock Texas has an Ulta. I went in. I went to the hair. I found this…  ( These photos were taken that night in the hotel room because I was dying laughing that this was actually a product )

image3 (1) image4

Ok, so just to be clear this brand is “hairdo”  and to be clear, I actually walked out of Ulta completely irritated and did not take this product until I actually found the Sally’s and figured that a basically abandoned Sally’s in an area I’m not familiar with probably wasn’t a good idea with a four month old… I went back. I bought this product KNOWING that I was going to be irritated… which is why I have felt so indifferent about posting this. Just to be clear, no where on this package does this say it is a “filler” hair for volume or anything.. correct me if I am wrong, this picture shows that if you just add this ONE piece in your head you have full, long, beautiful hair. And here is where we can all laugh about this. I put them in my mom’s hair. This is where HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA is so very appropriate, take a look..

image1 (2)

You guys, what is that? 10 whole hairs?!?!?! I paid about $50 for these, which is why I stomped out of Ulta the first time. But as I said, I only needed a few pieces so I cut them up on Kassandra’s wedding day and added them in her updo and she looked fabulous…. but I would never reccomend this product to a normal consumer. I did my research and a full set of extensions from this company.. clip ins.. is close to $150 on average. Now ok, that is completely normal. However after this.. without any marking that its just to fill in.. I wouldn’t. The pictures are misleading and so for all of you poor people who bought this.. I am so sorry. I don’t know Ulta’s return policy on hair.. most hair sales are final.. at least any company I’ve ever worked with , and like I said I knew it would be ok for what I needed… but we just HAD to put them in a head before we cut them up. I couldn’t contain myself.  Just to be clear, I know nothing other than what I have read about this company. However if they are in a major beauty sales company you would think they would be more clear with their packaging. So I don’t want to post anything negative about the company as a whole or anything just think that they need to repackage because I’m nosey and unwrapped these before I purchased… you’re not actually supposed to do that, I knew what I was buying. It worked for what I needed but I wouldn’t buy them again and wouldn’t reccomend them. You can buy a whole set of clip ins for another $50. Just stick with that option.

And for all of you freaking out, here is a picture of my brother and his BEAUTIFUL bride, Kassandra!

image1 (1)

Photo by Becca Gamache Photography

They will be my next blog post… stay tuned if you want to see it!

I hope this helps on your future extension purchasing endeavors!




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