How I Take Care of My Hair ( Part 1: In the Shower)

image1 (3)

I get lots of questions everyday from my clients like, “how do you get your hair so shiny?”,”well you color your hair, why is your hair not damaged” , “how do you not have any frizz?”. A lot of the time my immediate thought is, well, I don’t do anything, but really I do. It’s just became so routine that it is now.. “doing nothing” to my hair. I thought I would just walk you all through my hair products and the process and maybe that will be a little insightful. I’ll post the pictures of what I use when I’m in the shower as well as when I’m out before I dry it. I was going to post the whole routine in one post but that started to drag on so we will do this in a series of 3: How I take care of my hair in the shower, As I’m drying, and once it’s styled.  Disclaimer: This is in no way a sponsorship from Pureology nor do I work for Pureology. I just genuinely LOVE their products and so i might have a little too many of them (; However great hair starts with great product so keep that in mind as we go along. Let’s get started.

Shampoo and Conditioner: In my shower you will find two different kind of shampoos and two different kinds of conditioners… I’ll post a picture below however know this is an ever rotating routine. I generally stay within the same two lines as far as brand goes, if there is a new product I will definitely put it in my shower and try it out but this shows what my shower generally looks like. Right now I have the Precious Oil Line (shampoo and conditioner) as well as the Pure Volume Shampoo ( I realize this says for extra sensitized… I didn’t mean to get this but it still works and I still love it). I also have the Hydrate Light Conditioner. As you can see these are well-loved and are in use because they have water spots all over them (; ooh life, who has time to clean their shampoo bottles? Not me. The other shampoo and conditioner that you would occasionally see in my shower is not pictured because I’m currently out (kicking myself for tossing the bottles literally 3 days ago) but it is the color care line from MATRIX, Biolage. If any of you know anything about these shampoos and conditioners you know that any of these listed above are like having a spa on your head. Like, O. M. G. Amazing. All of these lines are sulfate free as well as having an anti fade aspect in them for color. They just call them different things.

image3 (2)

Extra Conditioning: It always blows my mind when clients sit in my chair and tell me they don’t use conditioner. The conditioner isn’t making your hair oily. Your hands running through your hair all day is, the things in the air are. And IF it’s the conditioner you’re not using the right stuff, you are taking it to far up to your scalp, or you’re not getting it all out of your hair in the rinse. That being said I always, always, always use another conditioner when I get out of the shower or within the shower. One of these below is a spray bottle.. (leave in) the other is a deep conditioning mask in the same brand and line. I have a whole blog post dedicated to the leave in. I wrote this when it first came out.. if you haven’t seen it click here because it is more than worth reading.. this product has time and time again transformed clients hair. Once a week I use the deep conditioning mask in replace of my conditioner and I still get out of the shower and use the leave in on my hair. I use the leave in as a detangling source with a brush suitable for wet hair.

image2 (1)

Towel Drying: I try really hard not to wrap a towel around my head when I’m done with my shower however that’s not always the case as much as I would like to say it was. Though, I will say that I don’t walk around the house for more than 5 minutes with it on my head. I usually just do it to get my wet hair off my neck so I can dry off and put a shirt on. The less you can have that towel on your head the more moisture your actual hair strands will keep.

Brushing: As I mentioned before I use the leave in conditioner when I get out of the shower and use a brush suitable for wet hair. The one I have at home is the Fingerbrush. I believe it is the medium size from Olivia Garden.  In my station at work I use either a wide tooth comb, a tangle Teezer, or a wet brush on my clients. All of these things can be used on wet hair and you should never use anything with a fine tooth when trying to detangle… you’ll only snag and break your strands. I will show you a picture of the Fingerbrush below.

image4 (1)

I believe these are all the steps I do before starting my product before drying… I will add that to the next post so this doesn’t get too long and drawn out! I hope that this section was helpful to you and I squeezed enough tips into the information parts! If you have any questions feel free to ask and any comments too! I love to hear from you! If you have a favorite line let me know! I may be missing out on some good products!




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