How I Take Care of My Hair Part 2 ( Maintenance)

So the last post I made about caring for my hair…. click here if you want to see it… focused more on shampoo and conditioners for your hair so this one I will tell you what we do to it in the salon, how often I cut it, and products I use everyday. I’ll try and keep this a little shorter in descriptions because there will be ALOT of products mentioned. If you ever have any questions please feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to answer!


I believe I stopped at Color Fanatic in the last post which is a leave in conditioner that I absolutely swear by. So after I do that I use an oil on my ends. Currently it is a Pureology Red Oil which is in their reviving reds line, I used this when I had red hair and loved it as far as the smell so I continue to use it. However you don’t have to use that. When I’m at work and we do my hair I have been using a micro oil ( an oil that actually enters your hair shaft so it keeps it light and airy instead of sitting on top of your hair) The color care oil from Matrix, it is called “Matrix OIL WONDERS Egyptian Hibiscus Oil” Which is a mouthful so I’ll go ahead and post pictures of everything below. I put just a DROP of this on my hands and run it through my ends. I also will sometimes brush this through with a tangle teezer or my fingerbrush like I discussed in the last post.


If I am letting my hair air dry I will use a treatment on the ends.. My “drug” of choice is the Pureology Strength Cure Fabulous Lengths treatment. I will warn you if you don’t like the smell of coconut milk you will not like the smell of this.. It works like a dream though in treating those ends. It helps to prevent breakage and I personally think keeps my ends nice and sealed.IMG_3613

If I am at the salon we do try and do a deep conditioning treatment on me.. Just last week I got a new treatment we have and am OBSESSED, so naturally I have to tell you about it. If you have thick, coarse hair, or hair that frizzes like crazy ask your stylist about this! It is called the Matrix Total Results Miracle Morpher Slim Down Lipid Smoothing Treatment. Like O.M.G. you need it in your life. NOW. The name says exactly what it does.. It really is a little miracle.


If I am styling my hair straight or going to put some curls in it I use Pureology Silk Bodifier. It’s a bodifying mousse that doesn’t go too crazy. It leaves your hair just like the name, silk. It feels amazing and isn’t sticky but still has hold. I use this a lot on people while doing blowouts because it allows the curl to stay better.


As far as haircuts and colors go we try and use demi-permanent colors on me as to create less damage.. this can’t always happen but we try. I also get regular haircuts.. About every 8 weeks on average. I get gloss treatments over my ends if we don’t color the ends to seal them down and make my hair shiny as well.

I hope this little bit of information is helpful to you! Like I said before if you have any questions please let me know!




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