Hair Dryers

Alright, this is going to be one quick and easy post but only because it has came up about 4 times in the last two days. I never knew there was a need to talk about this but apparently there is at least in my realm of friends and family so if nothing else this is for you guys.

Are you a person that dries the front of your head but not the back because “the front is what you see and the rest just takes too long”? If you are, take a second to read this post please.

Stop. Doing. That. Did you forget the rest of the world sees the back of your hair? The headrest in your car touches the back of your hair? When wearing a sweatshirt the back of your hair is what gets scrunched up. If your hair is wet it’s bound and determined to air dry in the most of awkward of styles and all day you’ll be questioning what the back of your head looks like or you’ll have people like me (to my mom) judging it. And I truly say this with all of the love in the world… MY MOM IS THE BIGGEST CULPRIT. Also, she curls her hair on top of partially wet hair but thats a whole other article that we just don’t have time for my rant right now. (: love you mom!

So here’s my experience with the WHY of why people do this… My hair was wet I needed to go somewhere but I was dropping my daughter off at my parents. I go there to blow dry my hair just to save time, NOOOOOOOOO. No wonder my mom only dries half of her head! Who has time to wait for that?? SO slow. SO cold. SO NOT EVEN WORKING. Ok, maybe the last is an exaggeration but why in the heck my mom continually spends $20- $30 on “over the counter” Blow Dryers that quit working every few months is beyond me!

Did you know most salons carry “client affordable” Professional Hair Dryers? If you didn’t or if your salon doesn’t here is my suggestion… Find one that does, ask your stylist to get you one, search online. DO SOMETHING you poor souls. It makes me sad that all of these people feel like thats just how long it takes to dry your hair… it doesn’t. It is your dryer.

That all up there.. probably the most “ranting” post I’ve ever made but I’m about to walk out the door to go get two clients new hair dryers because my heart breaks for them. It’s a sad world to live in when it takes a half an hour to dry your hair. Save your money. Save your time. Buy Professional.

If you guys would like me to post about brands of hair dryers and price points I would be happy to just leave that in the comments below or like this post!



** Disclaimer… my mom does this because until two days ago she would have bought that fancy drier and it would have been taken by one of my siblings (; it’s officially time to upgrade you empty nester!


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