How to Protect Your Hair During the Winter Months

Where I live, it is about to get SUPER cold, snowy, icy and all of the other lovely things that come with Indiana winters. Generally this means we are stuck in the house more than normal but because we have to work our hair is subjected to these crazy winter days and I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to saving your hair from this lovely cold atmosphere.

  1. DRY YOUR HAIR ( all the way) This isn’t even an option to walk out the door with damp hair. Your hair will freeze and the second you decide to “crunch” that frozen hair of yours you have just broken, snapped, or created split ends like crazy on your beautiful locks.
  2. USE HEAT PROTECTANTS. Because you’ll be drying your hair all the way your hair will most likely be subjected to more heat products than normal, time to invest in some good quality protection for those strands to minimize damage.
  3. OIL YOUR ENDS. Around this time in Indiana we say “HELLO, STATIC!” You can tone that static down by using a light oil on your ends, it will also help moisturize your ends from the extra heat you’ll be using on it.
  4. USE AT HOME CONDITIONING TREATMENTS. Between the extreme cold outside, the warmer, drier air in your house wether its from a fire place, heating unit, or extra space heaters your hair will get SO dry. Make sure you’re treating your hair right at home. Most salons sell at home conditioning treatments so you can keep your hair just as fabulous as when you left the salon.
  5. KEEP UP ON YOUR SALON APPOINTMENTS. These tips are wonderful however I can’t see each and every one of your heads to recommend the correct products for your hair. Ask your stylist what would be best for your hair. And remember, if they tell you “over the counter products work” You need a new stylist. Like YESTERDAY. You don’t pay good money for cuts and colors to destroy it in one wash with a $2 shampoo, I know you don’t. And if you do I’m sure that is not your intention.

If you are wondering what I use on my hair, you can check that out on my previous posts How I Take Care of My Hair Part 1 and Part 2. Click the links to see an in depth description of each product and why I’m using them! I hope this post is helpful to you..any comments, questions, suggestions can be left in the comment section! Remember if you like this post make sure to “Like” it! It only takes an email to follow this page or share!



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