Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?

Do you ever wash your hair and feel like it’s still dirty? The scalp/root area of your hair is still greasy and your ends are dry? Your hair is weighted down? Dandruff? You just can’t get your hair clean no matter how hard you try? Keep reading. This article was created just for you. Here are a few indications the product is NOT for you, wether it be an allergy, for the wrong hair type ( can actually be fixed by switching to a different product in the line), or just doesn’t work for your hair needs specifically.

1. You never get your scalp CLEAN.

This can actually be from something as simple as you need to wash your hair twice. That is the biggest misconception with shampoo and conditioner in my opinion. People spend big $$$ on hair product and use about a handful and a half because
“it doesn’t lather”. It should ( in most situations… with the exception of cleansing conditioners) lather right away. Ok, HOLD THE PHONE. Slow down. Use a quarter sized drop. Shampoo, if it doesn’t lather. Do it again. Try adding more water, if you have thick hair like i do, break it into sections. It will save your bank account as well as truly get your hair clean.

    2. Your hair is flat and lifeless.

Try a volumizing shampoo, this is where I could go into another rant about professional vs. over the counter but I do that enough so we will keep it simple. If you feel like you need a more moisturizing or oil based shampoo and conditioner, find a lightweight one that will still give you the benefits. A few of my favorites for this situation would be the Pureology Hydrate Light Line or Matrix Oil Wonders Line ( It is a micro oil line so the oil actually gets into the cuticle instead of sitting on top of it like most shampoos and conditioners)

    3. You have dandruff, ok, recently since you’ve switched products developed this.

Stop using it. It’s either creating build up or your drying your scalp out to no end. Either way it’s not healthy. If you think it’s product build up use a clarifying shampoo for a couple of washes to get everything removed and switch to something lighter for your hair. Most volumizing shampoos and conditioners are pretty light but be aware if you have dry hair you may want to cocktail this with a moisturizing conditioner or vise versa and switch on and off.

    4. Your back, neck, or face is randomly breaking out.

This could be a simple irritation or you could be slightly allergic to a product in the shampoo and conditioner. Try switching to something else for a couple of days and see if it goes away. If it does try and find out the ingredient that isn’t similar and avoid using things with that in it. If you insist on using it ( ok, I’ve had this happen and I just LOVED how my hair felt) make sure you lift your hair away from these areas before you get out of the shower and rinse the areas thoroughly. Keep a towel in between your skin and hair until it is dry and you should be fine.  Obviously if you are clearly having a severe reaction stop use immediately.

    5. You just don’t like your hair anymore.

This can happen for many obvious reasons but if you don’t think it’s the cut, color, or any illness happening try using a different shampoo and conditioner. We all have our “ride or die” products but it is also fun to switch it up once in awhile. You should know what’s out there. Ask your stylist if there are any new lines or different products you would like or could use!

Make sure as always you take into consideration with shampoo and conditioner and ALL hair products that you do in fact get what you pay for. What you pay for is ingredients and remember that may not be important to know all of those ingredients but when it’s the difference between lots of great hair days or bad days it MATTERS. Products can make or break your day, attitude, and bank. When you use a $3- 9 shampoo you replace it about every one and a half weeks. When you use professional shampoos and conditioners you replace them just about once a month to every six weeks.. it just about evens out if not end up coming out on top using the better products. Not only that but your hair feels fabulous so you in return feel better! I hope these tips were helpful and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share!

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