How to Wash Your Hair

So the title… seems simple, right? Well, it sounds simple. Lately I have had a lot of really funny comments said to me just about washing hair. So I’ll just set the record straight for you all. If someone doesn’t tell you, you don’t know so if you’ve been doing it wrong.. you’re fine, because now you’ll know. (Cleansing conditioners will not be included in this and do not follow these rules, I can write another instruction post on this and will at a later date.)


image3 (2)

  1. You should only need a quarter size drop of shampoo to make it work. (This is why professional shampoos actually cost you less in the long run. )

– If your shampoo does not lather either a. you need more water.  or b. you need to rewash.

– If you have thick hair section it. I keep a clip in the shower to clip mine in half, do the bottom half with a quarter size and then the top.


2. If you have went more than 2 days your hair is considered “dirty” and will need more than one shampoo. Do not use more shampoo per wash. A quarter size will still work, just shampoo twice.

3. Your hair should be completely wet before you apply any shampoo or conditioner to your hair. Your hair cannot lather properly if it is not thoroughly saturated.

4.  You should brush your hair out before you get in the shower. This diminishes tangles. You may shed more while in the shower this way but it will make combing out your hair after a breeze.

5.If you use conditioner every time you wash your hair ( I do, there is nothing wrong with that) only put it on your ends. You should never apply conditioner to your scalp.

6. If you hair has a filmy residue on it when you’re done washing, this shampoo is either a. not for you or b. you didn’t get it all out.

7. If you have thick enough hair to section it before washing, make sure you get it thoroughly rinsed out.

8. The crown of your head is the hardest to get clean.. make sure to massage your head and lift apart the hair to clean it properly.

9. If you use a comb to get conditioner through your hair, you need to use a wide tooth comb or brush, again the FINGERBRUSH from OLIVIA GARDEN INT. would be perfect for this.

image4 (1)

10.  If you have dandruff it could be a number of things.. don’t diagnose this yourself.. ask your stylist what would be best for your beautiful locks!


I hope these little tips help in your everyday shampooing routine! Lots of people had questions so if I didn’t answer yours please feel free to comment!





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ALL images are my images and can also be found on my previous post How To Take Care of Your Hair Part 1.


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