Hey guys! I am SO excited about this post, maybe thats because i feel like its been 3830239 years since I posted the last time or maybe it’s just because it’s all about my FAVORITE products! Some of them may be repeats but come on, seriously, favorites are my favorites. BUT there are lots of new products in here so keep reading!

  1. This one won’t surprise you… COLOR FANATIC 21 by Pureology. Ahhhhh, my baby. Seriously I don’t get any of my clients (ok, girls) ready without this or myself. Anytime I wash my hair this is my jam to help detangle and give my hair a little extra conditioning.
  2. Ok, so I have two favorite dry shampoo’s I’ve been loving. I have two because one is for me and one is for 90% of my clientele at the moment. I am absolutely positively in love with the Pureology Fresh Approach, for myself.. ok and for giving texture for up hair and things such as that. However, I feel like it can be a little too much for fine hair, some people haven’t had this experience which is super awesome but for most of my clients lately I have been showing them the Matrix Biolage Clean and Full. It’s brand spankin new and it smells fab and just ahhhh. You guys, if you haven’t gotten on the dry shampoo bandwagon, GET ON.
  3. For every day texture spray ( and a little added perfume (;) I swear by the Kenra Dry Texture spray. Another stylist friend told me about this bad boy and I can’t stop using it. Seriously. Just keep one in your car as a perfume if you want (no really, it smells that good) .
  1. For my favorite brush I picked something that can actually benefit any hairtype! The Oliva Garden Internation CISP-CO with Ionic and Boar bristles. I use this to style ( at least for the beginning part) on about 99% of my blowdries! I feel like this is a great size to hold on to wether you’re doing it to yourself or your blowdrying a client. The boar bristles help smooth down the cuticle and the ionic bristles help it dry a little faster. It is just truly the best brush of life. Yes, I said that. Of LIFE. Please don’t ever get rid of this Oliva Garden Int. I will actually cry.
  2. So this one, I just cannot deal with the excitement. My clients are LOVING it! I’ve only had this on hand for about two weeks but man oh man is it going like wildfire! Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Scrub.. there is a full in salon treatment that goes with it but this specific product is amazing! You can use the scrub on your hair even on color treated hair, you also can use this pink lemonade smelling sugar scrub ALL OVER YOUR BODY. See, I told you.. amazing!

So I actually thought this post would be much longer.. and it could be.. so I decided my second part I will get up Saturday night in a form of a video! (maybe because my nails are currently too long and I can barely type… don’t judge (; )So stay tuned. For now.. I hope you guys enjoy this! If any of these are your favorites make sure you hit like, or share this post!



All images are from Google Images!

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