Summer Hair Protection

Hey guys! I know it has been a little while since I posted.. the photographers photos have been pouring in from the weddings we’ve been doing so I’ll be sure to get it all edited and post a few wedding days soon! Wherever you are, I hope it is warm.. I’m currently sitting in my parents back yard enjoying this beautiful summer day! It FINALLY got warm here in Indiana and it’s safe to say we are taking FULL advantage of this heat! I’m lucky that I have pool access.. which got me to thinking. I now have SUPER blonde ends… chlorine + blonde… well those two things don’t really mix all that well. So I figured if I was doing extra steps to my hair I should share them with all of you beautiful people! So I’ll just dive right in!

1.Make sure if you swim regularly you have a swim shampoo and conditioner handy. Now this isn’t something I would use everyday but for a day after the pool YES! Chlorine can be so hard on your hair taking this simple step can help SO much! Malibu has a great line for this! If your local salon doesn’t carry this make sure you ask if they can order it!


2.Follow the before entry pool signs.. getting your hair wet can create a boundary between the chlorine and it helping keep the harsh chemicals out.

3. Once your hair is wet have a leave in conditioner ready to spray in. This helps coat the hair before entry creating yet another boundary and adding moisture to something that can be so dry. If you’ve been following my posts you know my favorite (; I’ll drop it below.

color fanatic

4. When you get out of the pool for the day make sure you run your hair under water.. It’ll help remove some of those harsh chemicals off your ends!

5. Get regular Malibu treatments… I’m sure there are other brands with something similar but these take the cake for me. It takes about 25 minutes and your hair feels AWESOME afterwards. Lots of kids stop in the salon to get them at the end of the summer which is a great idea but once a month would be ideal if you are in the pool a lot!



I hope these tips were helpful, I know this was short I just wanted to make sure to get this one out quick because I’ve been in the pool SO much I’m sure you all have (:





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