Humidity.. What to do so it doesn’t cramp your style!

So it has came to my attention that well, its HOT like really freakin hot.. weather that no one wants to be in here in Indiana. Any of you who live here obviously live in this lovely mess every summer and every year we whine and complain about how cold it is and then how miserable we are in the heat. Now if you’re a girl.. humidity (WHY ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS??!) ugh, you suck humidity. GO. AWAY. You bring frizzy fuzzy hair, and when we sweat.. oh when we sweat it’s worse. Why it matters to us? In the summertime LOTS of pictures are taken wether that be at weddings, in weddings, in family photos, at a family cookout or any of it.. and well, if you’re anything like me most of the time when you pile a little rain on top you end up looking like a drowned rat. So this may end up sounding like one big rant by the end of it but hairstylists everywhere will end up appreciating it so feel free to share with your friends because frankly, this weather is a hairstylists nightmare.

I’ve been tossing and turning over this topic for weeks because as you all know I specialize in wedding hair and I do hair for photo shoots. The weather during said things this year has not been the greatest. I’ve been at multiple events this year where people are attempting to change a style after someone did it or don’t understand why their curls are falling that they just curled themselves. So, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to help keep your style.. A STYLE.

  1. The first thing we all do when we think our hair is getting messed up: we touch it. Stop. Back the hands up. Do NOT touch your hair. This will make the style fall out much faster than any rain disaster filled day will. The more you touch the more oils you add to potentially wet air laying on that… (drowned rat)
  2. Adding more hairspray won’t fix it. Actually it generally will make you look like you have the stickiest hair of life, stiff as a board.. and while you won’t actually be able to get your hands through it and destroy it like talked about above if for some reason ONE lonely hair falls out.. it’ll poke out like a porcupine and be more obvious than if your hair looked a little more “messy” .
  3.  Using over the counter poorly made hair products on TOP of those wonderful professional products your hairstylist just used, WILL FLATTEN YOUR HAIR.
  4. Curling hair on top of what a stylist has already curled.. will probably destruct the style as well. If this happens to be an issue make sure you have the stylists number on hand ( trust me, they would rather you call them than recurl on top of theirs… or they can give you some direction if they are unable to personally help)
  5.  If you’re getting casual pictures and you know your hair doesn’t hold curl.. I suggest wearing something straight. I am the QUEEN at getting “hair that doesn’t curl” to hold a curl.. or so my clients say BUT this year that humidity is just too out of hand.. and while it still may have some curl it’s not what it started like and that as a hairstylist is the most frustrating thing.
  6. If you’re in a wedding and can avoid going outside other than for the wedding and or transport or pictures.. please do it.
  7.  For everyday humidity protection consult with your stylist for the best products for your hair. (I already have a post in the works about what products are good for this)
  8. If something needs changed on your hair your best bet is to let your stylist know, while this may be uncomfortable to do so at the time, your style will appreciate it! When you pull bobby pins out of hair it can also create frizz so the less you personally do it the better!
  9. Most importantly.. Remember at whatever event/ party/ wedding you’re at… enjoy yourself.. don’t stress about your hair because now you have tips and tricks to keep the style intact (:




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